OCR Organizers Face Obstacles of Their Own

Obstacle racing and mud runs attract high participation around the world. Still, as with any major event, OCR promoters face obstacles in bringing these races to life.

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    Balancing Risks and Rewards

    OCRs are a great way to make a profit or fundraise production, but they entail unique risks. Trust is often placed in underwriters who are unfamiliar with the sport resulting in policies that are not in an OCR’s , or its runners, best interests.

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    Synchronizing Stakeholders

    Event success depends on a team’s successfully management of staff, rentals, vendors, marketing performance, sponsors and more. Each team requires clear goals to align accountability. Without intuitive solutions, too much time is spent on efficiency instead of on strategic growth.

  • Responsive, Runner-Driven Design

    OCR and mud run participants demand a blend of challenge, fun, and originality. This means tailoring events to runners’ expectations every year. Being competitive in this environment requires a sophisticated customer feedback loop and a course that responds accordingly.

  • Retention and Customer Intelligence Management

    Race directors are spending more than ever on prospecting new runners. However, retained runners are 5x less expensive than new customers and become a value source of consistent feedback and income. They bring friends and family, deepening ties to the local community. Average retention in OCR events in the US is currently 25%.


USOCR is a modern sports cooperative that helps relationships thrive between OCR promoters and their runners.

Since 2013, USOCR has supported the sport of obstacle racing by introducing customers to expanded safety programming, improved logistics, and high-impact technologies. Headquartered in Atlanta Georgia’s premier tech hub, Atlanta Tech Village, USOCR seeks to imbue obstacle racing with a culture of teamwork, a commitment to perpetual education and a sharper focus on the safety and happiness of runners.

Creating a safer, more sustainable, and exciting sport is USOCR’s goal.

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